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Why choose BabyDolla?

We are creating an ecosystem of rewards, incentives, digital art, and games which will not require a second mortgage.

2% Reflection

All holders of BabyDolla tokens earn 2% in BUSD from trading volume.

1% Marketing

A small 1% fee to all trades is applied for continuous marketing.

Baby NFTs

We are working with top tier artists to deliver our very own NFTs soon.

Baby Games

BabyDolla is in the process of developing mini games for players to earn.

BabyDolla Smart Contract Details

Fun facts

BabyDolla (Dolla)
Stats & Facts.

BabyDolla is a new token on the Binance Smart Chain and is always growing. Join our community today!


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Our secret sauce

We are currently making our mobile web app!


Login with MetaMask

Simply connect with either MetaMask or Trust Wallet.


View Rewards

Check upcoming $BUSD rewards and curret place in line.


Mint NFTs

Use $Dolla to birth / mint your very own BabyDolla NFT.


Play Games

Win popular crypto games and earn $BUSD or $Dolla tokens.


Win the Jackpot

Enter the daily lottery jackpot and you could WIN BIG! (No limit)

BabyDolla app

Avaliable on all devices any phone, tablet, or desktop.

BabyDolla app is a mobile web appliaction, all you need is an internet browser with MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Need help using or launching the app?

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Comments from some of our token holders.

BabyDolla is a growing ecosystem and is driven by the support of the $Dolla community.

Intergrated with multiple partners!

More than 50+ marketing, advertising, and devlopment partners worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about BabyDolla $Dolla

If you have any questions that have not been answered below. Feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram group.

You can easily buy or sell BabyDolla (Dolla) tokens on Pancakswap by visiting this link. Be sure you have MetaMask or Trust Wallet on the Binance Smart Chain.
MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Binance Smart Chain. You can download MetaMask here. Then follow this guide to get BNB and add the binance smart chain to your wallet.
Trust Wallet is similar to MetaMask but is devloped by Binace. Easily download the Trust Wallet on your phone and connect to the Binance Smart Chain. Get Trust Wallet here.
Once you have purchased BabyDolla (Dolla) tokens you will need to add the BUSD token to track your incoming rewards from trading activity. Most users will view their recent BUSD incoming transactions on
There are only 100 Billion BabyDolla (Dolla) tokens. Initial supply was 500 Billion but 80% (400 Billion) of the supply has been burned! There will never be more minted.